A Product needed more than ever.  'Do not disturb'  

  ....    tamper-proof

More Valuables in-room than ever.

Trust?  There's extremely little ... with existing door hooks.  Privacy preference., so important to todays Guests.    Security...     Escalating Costs   ....

And Guest Reviews.  One single incident of  "my room wasn't cleaned!"   =   considerable review damage.

Guests bringing highly expensive tech, iPads, laptops etc, etc, into rooms. It's undisputed. The product = immense cost savings.The biggest operating costs of all .. housekeeping / wages. For staying guests they are simply wiped out.

Huge reductions in Wages., Workload., Staff (+benefits)., Overtime., Laundry., Utilities., Cleaning materials etc, etc.

Change is needed to the traditional sign which anyone (child or mischievous guests) can tamper with or remove.

WHY  it  works :    

It  gets  noticed


1/  Guests notice ...  it's elegance and ingenuity gently prompts them to display their privacy preference   2/  One third the size, yet so many more Guests use it. They appreciate you're taking their privacy seriously.  3/  Your personalised indoor explainer sign, briefly outlining why and how (See 'SIGN' page), adds to it's value.  So the vast majority who choose, choose "Do not disturb".

A look at the holder::


1/  Through smart design, it's impossible for the product to ever fall or be shaken out of the holder. Yet it allows 'feather touch' removal of the steel plate by Guests.  2/  Removable plates never go missing. Not one from 100,000+. Replacements are forever FREE [post & package only]. But you will never lose them.  Why free?  Because they simply never go missing.