Q/ How do I attach to my door(s)?

Two minuscule pins or screws are supplied, in addition to a small square of double sided tape. These fixings are extremely small. We have NEVER even had one sign removed, so we’ve tested sign removal on a variety of hard and softwood doors. Removed, they are not at all noticed. TO FIT: FIRSTLY, close the guest room door. REMOVE the middle ‘permanent’ plate [cleaner with Question (?) mark], by firmly pressing it out of the holder with two thumbs. SECONDLY, remove the yellow covering of the double sided tape, and very carefully position the holder against the lip of the door edge, (prevents any removal of the ‘reversible choice’ plate). THIRDLY, permanently secure your sign by tapping home the two pins. All done in less than one minute.

Q/ What’s the problem with traditional door hooks ?

Unchanged for over 100 years, generally distrusted, and mostly un-used.  

Q/  What if a holder insert  [the double sided plate]  ever goes missing?          

We will replace free of charge, no matter how often. We’re able to do this because they simply do not go missing. Like saucers in your room, they’re a ‘no value’ item. In any event they can’t be removed or tampered with, by other guests.

Q/  How best to run a test?

Use the product on just one guest room, or one floor. Check the results carefully (Management only should do this). Then the results can be applied to the entire hotel, to give an accurate picture of the likely outcome of full implementation. On workload, wages, staffing, costs, materials, margins, profit … and even reviews.